The FIXWMATA Twitter account was started in 2010 by Chris Barnes. Chris was commuting from Ballston to Silver Spring by Metro and noticed things could be better. Twitter was kinda new back then but everyone seemed to be jumping on board so he did to. There he found @UnSuckDCMetro and decided to join the fun with his own account: @FIXWMATA. Through the years there have been various iterations of @FIXWMATA - at one time Chris tried to branch out a little as @FIXMETRO to include all Metro systems in America. Nobody has time for that so it was back to @FIXWMATA. You may see reference to @FIXMETRO sometime before 2020 and that's the same guy.

Currently Chris lives in Virginia and works in IT. In his spare time he and his husband take care of aging parents. Chris has lived between DC/MD/VA and Houston since 2010 - moving back and forth something like 900 times. In case you cared he's a liberal Democrat who actually does want to fix WMATA and make the system work better for the riders.

Unlike some other accounts FIXWMATA isn't anonymous, he just rarely uses his name because he prefers to focus on the WMATA ridership - @FIXWMATA isn't his personal account. But also unlike some of the other Twitteratti Chris has attempted to be out there fixing WMATA, too. Chris is a former member of the WMATA Riders' Advisory Council and in 2015 also started the WMATA Riders' Union (WMATARU). Buy him a drink and he'll tell you a good story about how that went.